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Visual artist and art educator.

Visual Arts degree by Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina



2019 - “Rooftop”, Ribeirão Preto - TRYP.

2018 - “I - Josephine”, São Paulo - Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade.


2018 - “I - Josephine”, Campinas - MIS.


2018 - “I - Josephine”, Ribeirão Preto - FINAC.


2018 - “I - Josephine”, São José do Rio Preto - Casa de Criar.


2017 - “Bazar exhibition”, Ribeirão Preto - FINAC.


2021 - “Lesbiennale Arts Festival”, Brussels.

2021 - “2ª Mostra Audiovisual [Em] Curtas”, online.


2020 - “Eu vim trazer a palavra”, online.


2020 - “ARTBOX”, Barcelona.


2019 - “ARTBOX”, Miami.


2019 - “ARTBOX”, Zurich.


2018 - “UAI”, Ribeirão Preto.


2018 - “Interiores”, Ribeirão Preto.


2016 - “Garimpo das Artes”, Belo Horizonte.

2014 - “Garimpo das Artes”, Belo Horizonte.

2013 - “Garimpo das Artes”, Belo Horizonte.

2010 - “LOJA”, Ribeirão Preto.

2010 - “LOJA”, Porto Alegre.


2010 - “a_curto_prazo”, Florianópolis.


2010 - “Exposição-Seminário de Performance”, Florianópolis.


2009 - “LOJA”, São Paulo.

2009 - “LOJA”, Florianópolis.

2009 - “LOJA”, Curitiba.

2009 - “[entre]”, Florianópolis.


2009 - “Semana Ousada de Artes" Florianópolis.


2009 - “nova”, Florianópolis.


2021 - Graphic interlocution of the project “T.R.A.”, by Anderson do Carmo and Jussara Belchior, contemplated by the “Elisabete Anderle Prize for stimulating culture”.


2020 - Design and assembly for the exhibition “SPACETOGETHER”, by the NGO FINAC.


2019 - Set design, light design and costumes for the piece “Nathaly’s dream”, by the NGO FINAC.


2018 - Pedagogical orientation for the project “Letters to the world”, by Leticia Iarossi, contemplated by the “PROAC First works” subvention.


2018 - Set and lighting design for the piece “Who cares” by the NGO FINAC.


2017 - Creation device for the piece “The amnesia machine”, directed by Fernando Martins, contemplated by the “Program of the city of São Paulo for the Promotion of Dance”.


2017 - Direction of the exhibition/piece “Com-Positions”, for the NGO FINAC.


2016 - Scenographer of Gema store.


2016 / 2017 - Choreographer of “Our terreiro,” by the NGO FINAC.


2016 - Instigator of the Project “Cycles to reinvent”, by Bela Pizani.


2016 - Scenographer of the piece “In time,” by Cia. Pé na Tábua, contemplated by the “PROAC - Showcase Circulation” subvention.


2016 - Scenographer of the event “I dance than I exist”, organized by the art collective MuDança Ribeirão.

2015 - Scenographer of the event “I dance than I exist”, organized by the art collective MuDança Ribeirão.

2015 - Scenographer of the exhibition “We are all Frida on Varanda,” a joint realization of POPit Consultoria and Varanda store.


2015 - Scenographer of the choreography “Between crowds and birds,” directed by Edson Fernandes for the NGO FINAC.


2014 - Scenographer of the choreography “In-tempérie,” directed by Andréa Barbosa for the NGO FINAC.


2013 - Scenographer of the piece “Inside out,” directed by Rafael Orsi, contemplated by the “Law of Incentive to Culture of Balneário Camboriú”.


2013 - Lighting designer of the piece “Encuentro,” directed by Marilyn Mafra and Janine Jimenes.


2013 - Scenographer and lighting designer of the piece “Terrestrian Schizoids,” directed by Renata Celidonio and Suely Machado.


2012 - Lighting design of the piece “Five studies for bailaoras,” directed by Marylin Mafra.


2011 - Scenographer of the piece “Saudade is like an overflowing liquid, or for Teresa,” directed by Anderson Luiz do Carmo. The performance was selected for the Bienal da Dança de Florianópolis (2012) and contemplated by the dance prize “FUNARTE Klauss Viana” subvention (2011).


2011 - Scenographer of the piece “Beatriz,” directed by Ana Paula Beling.


2010 - Art director in collaboration with Eloah Melo of the piece “None pleasure,” directed by Morgana Martins.


2010 - Scenographer of the piece “Ruin” of Tal Grupo, directed by Naiara Bertoli.


2010 - Assistant scenographer of the piece “Moment on the verge of,” directed by Karine Cupertino.


2009 - Scenographer of the piece “Make do this house” of Tal Grupo, directed by Karine Cupertino.



2017 - Project “I - Josephine” contemplated by the “PROAC - research and exhibitions” subvention.


2011 - “2nd and 3rd Visual Arts Integration Symposium” at UDESC (in charge of the Publications Table during the two editions of the symposium).

2011 - “TIJUANA Printed Art Fair” (participation of the event with the Parêntesis publishing house on the editions of 2010 and 2011).


2010 - “TIJUANA Printed Art Fair” (participation of the event with the Parêntesis publishing house on the editions of 2010 and 2011).

2010 - “A2” (follow-up of the process and printing of the editions by Felipe Prando and Diego Rayck).


2010 - “Pourquoi o mal” (publication by Jorgen Michaelsen, the translation of which she revised along with Maíra Dietrich and Rosana Rocha).


2009 / 2010 - “LOJA” (as a participating artist and working on the exhibition installation, as well as related talks and debates held in the cities of São Paulo, Florianópolis, Curitiba, Porto Alegre, and Ribeirão Preto).


2008 - Organization of the “1st Visual Arts Integration Symposium” at UDESC, in partnership with Professors Jociele Lampert and Silvana Macedo.


2008 - Development of the “1st Pedagogical Material of UDESC’s Visual Arts Department”, by invitation of Professor Jociele Lampert. The material comprises ten pedagogical propositions/instigations developed by Ana Clara Joly as an artist/teacher in training at the University.

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