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My creative process takes place viscerally.

Some works come to life as a birth, others as a yearning.

The way I interact with the world – what I read, what I eat, what I listen to, my relationship with other people and with nature – invades my body, which then digests and overflows it in diverse manners.

Faced with life, I absorb the ensuing sensations and proceed to interpret them with the whole body. Maybe this is why performance became my main form of communication.

It is not about a mechanic and conscious project, but rather an organic an visceral one (or maybe even transcendental). Some sort of digestion of the peculiarities of life.

I work in theater projects as a set and light designer, and in some cases I even take a chance as a costume and graphic designer. Along with that, I develop my own artistic practice, in dialogue with the visual poetics.

I then propose myself to take the black box experience into the white cube and vice versa, building an actual dialogue among different artistic languages. Just as I bring daily experiences to my creations. This is done as part of a discussion with the world.

The main proposal is to digest my existence.

My method is translation.

Translation as equivalence.

Betrayal; transmutation; displacement; homage.

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