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scenography and lighting design

A flamenco performance with five dance acts combined to the poetry of João Cabral de Melo Neto, Brazilian poet who lived in Sevilla and wrote with great mastery about such art.

Grupo Aire y Compás is composed by the students led by Marilyn, who usually do an end-year presentation: "Poesia Bailada" (2007); "Danza" (2008); "Rompecabezas" (2009); "Desejo Andaluz" (2010); and "Siete" (2011). Ana Clara Joly also did the lighting design for three performances of Cia. Almaire: "Cinco estudos para bailaoras" (2012), "Essência" (2012), and "Encuentro" (2013).



Direction and choreography: Marilyn Mafra


Bailaoras of Grupo Aire y Compás: Alessandra Rosa Koehler, Arinês Ciotta, Jaqueline Cardoso, Mara Souza, Maria Teresa Piccoli and Sheila Vega.

Bailaoras of Cia Almaire: Janine Jimenes and Marilyn Mafra


Scenography and Lighting Design: Ana Clara Joly


Invited musicians: Cláudia Vilarouca and Felipe Coelho


Poetry reading: Dennis Radünz


hand clapping: Janine Jimenes 

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