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"Within the theater black box, there is some sort of light nest lying on the floor. A tangle of small lightbulbs not only provide light, but also delimit and welcome the artist’s movements. They go on and off subtly and independently.

The spectator perspective is oriented to the artist’s upper limbs, since her lower parts are hidden by the lighting barrier. This way, the light weft can only be seen by those who risk to stand up or approach the barrier – which also allows the performer’s body to disappear at the end of the presentations.

Speakers are attached to the structure, allowing the sound stimuli thoroughly researched during the creative process to be discreetly and functionally emitted."

(Ana Clara Joly)

Images: Ana Clara Joly

CREDITS: (of the edition presented on Teatro Mináz, in 2016, for SESC-RP)

Conception and performance: Bela Pizani


Provocations and scenography: Ana Clara Joly

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