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“In between writings, photographs, accessories, and memories, the dressing room of a great actress is the stage to her intimacy.

The director aimed at bringing the audience to this space, oscillating between invisible presences and her closest guests.

Therefore, the scenographic concept was to welcome the audience by expanding the setting of a dressing room.

The scenic objects are the actress’ most important intimate items, specially chosen by her as companies to this journey; then, on her last presentation, she gathers each piece of herself spread over the space.

The dressing table, an icon of her whole artistic and personal background, lends its mirror and lights to the whole set, becoming the greeting element that brings people inside her universe.

This way, the audience is covered in small, round lightbulbs, and surrounded by mirror fragments. Through the diverse reflection angles, one can see bits of the actress, the dressing room, and the audience itself, which gains the stage through the mirror images, allowing them to follow the story and complete it with the songs and the musicians, who are also placed in different points of the dressing room – a compilation of elements to confound the boundaries between reality, imagination, scenic space, and reflection."

(Ana Clara Joly)



Direction: Ana Paula Beling


Dramaturgy and lighting design: Mario Cesar


Scenography: Ana Clara Joly


Actress: Margarida Baird


Musicians: Larissa Galvão, Carol Miranda and Pedro Loch


Choreographic support: Diego di Medeiros


Costume: Juliana Paiva


Makeup: Luanda Wilk


Graphic design: Paulo Henrique Wolf

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