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performance series (2011, 2013, 2015)

Starting from the fixed gaze exchanged by the performers, a magnetic field is created. The bodies gain stability, attract and repel themselves with the commands given by any of the poles.

"Tudo derramado" came into existence during the work process of the piece "A saudade é como líquido que transborda" (awarded with the 2011 Funarte Klauss Viana dance prize), directed by Anderson Luiz do Carmo, which also counted on Ana Clara as scenographer.

The artist invited Iam Campigotto (2011), Nathalie Soler (2013) and her students (2015) to join this piece.


Direction: Ana Clara Joly

Interpretation: Ana Clara Joly, Iam Campigotto, Nathalie Soler, Bruna Oliveira, John Henrique, Rafaela Lebre, Robert Abreu, Tamires Soares, Ton Pereira, Victória Pontes

Images: Castello Spada e Coletivo Fuligem

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