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performance (2016)

“I – Josephine” is an exhibition project surrounding a performance, which finds its starting point at the dishwashing machine, invented by Josephine Cochrane in 1870.

In this research, Ana Clara Joly becomes as demanding as Josephine, approaching her own will, compulsion, creativity, and individualism.

The force and the playful character of the works composing the exhibition render the boundaries between illusion and reality very subtle.

A body that gets lost among its own desires, that slowly grows in front of the fragments, and that compulsively and demandingly seeks for solutions to handle the excess, thus reinventing itself at each challenge.

This research was awarded the “PROAC 2017– Works and Exhibitions” subvention.

Conception and

performance: Ana Clara Joly

Images: Deborah Evelyn

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eu josephine 1
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