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The window shops were inspired by Frida Kahlo’s paintings "The Two Fridas" and "Memory, The Heart", which have been translated to the fashion world and reinterpreted in today’s context.

The ten portraits of different impersonations of Frida made by invited photographers were cozied up throughout the store space, along with Kahlo’s reliquaries made by Ana Clara Joly, completed by several vases with cactuses and succulents all over the space.

Wool flower gardens and sculptures were created by the artist exclusively to compose a scenic/fashion ambiance in full authenticity – a prolongation of her researches on wool and scenography transposed to the universe of Kahlo.

The balcony in the back of the store was hand-painted by the artist and became the Blue House, an echo of Frida’s home, where she first lived with her parents, then during her second marriage with Diego Rivera, bearing shades of deep blue.

(Ana Clara Joly)

Images: Ana Clara Joly, Flavia Mansur e Carolina Mossin


Fridas: Amanda Custódio, Ana Isméria, Carolina Degani, Cacau Ribeiro, Carla Ristum, Adriana Ramos, Flávia Borges, Janaína Cruz, Mariana Campos and Melissa Penha.


Photographers: Camila Belleza, Carla Bendini, Débora Pitanguy, Deborah Evelyn and Flávia Mansur.

Scenography: Ana Clara Joly


Production: Varanda and POPit Consultoria


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