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"The scenery of 'Em tempo' is composed of three main concentric orbits working as a major gear, i.e., from the particular movements of each piece, yet perfectly tuned with the other parts of the same mechanism.

The central orbit is composed by boards and receives the dancers. Around them, comes the orbit of the musicians and musical instruments. The third band is orbited by the stagehand.

Just like a watch, the dancers play with time and act as pointers towards the center of the stage with their movements and sounds. There are six MDF boards – square format, 90 cm – installed as an hexagon, and one placed in the center of it, with round shapes and an indented edge.

The musician goes around the pointers, as someone that winds it up and also a mechanism that runs out. At each presentation, one single circle is fully traced around them, just like a planet orbiting a big star and also rotating around itself.  Revolution and rotation.

For each hour the musician spends in this watch, there is a sound; for each scene, one instrument, which is supported by MDF octagons on stage, as auxiliary pieces to the bigger mechanism. Some details of such objects are covered in tissue with cycle prints in a color palette suited to the sensorial journey proposed by the performance.

The stagehand circles around them under the shadows, following the end of the circle of instruments and offering the appropriate technical support for each scene. She is caught on scene and moments later assumes the position of time counter, transcending the format of an hourglass. She plays with time, tries to uncover it, takes it, passes it, drains it. She makes a golden rain, creates the time of dreams."

(Ana Clara Joly)

Images:Instante Imagens

Images: Coletivo Fuligem


Choreography Directior: Renata Defina

Cast: Ana Luiza Yosetake, Bela Pizani, Claire Jézéquel, Renata Defina and Rodrigo Lima

Musical direction: Claire Jézéquel


Scenography: Ana Clara Joly

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