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“The scenery presents a space somewhere between the house of one of the actresses and the set of their current play.

The house has a given display of rooms that changes during the performance while the actresses act upon them and their imaginary placement.

The audience also sees and builds the space subjectively, since its elements have no apparent functionality nor a fixed organization.

Hung up elements follow the game between reality and fiction comprised in the dramaturgy, facing the suspension as a flight of the mind. What is real is left pending in order to give room for the presence of what is not or might be.

Besides the concrete and drawn objects, the actresses also trace drawings on the floor using chalk.

The function of both types of objects is as real as imaginary. Nothing has a sole or apparent usefulness, while at the same time they all suggest a form and action.

There is a moving image in a small screen background; a video showing B asleep intends to complement the near-absurd idea: dreams, women, circus, the audience, home, the recorded image, and the real action.”

(Ana Clara Joly)

Images: Aneline Curado and Ana Castello



Direction: Tal Grupo

Actresses: Bárbara Teles Cardoso, Naiara Alice Bertoli and Nathalie Soler


Art direction: Ana Clara Joly


Original soundtrack: Dimitri Carmolinga


Video: Eloah Melo


Texts: Tal Grupo

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