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"Initially, I accepted Ana Paula Beling’s invitation to take part in 'Eu, uma outra', for all the esteem and love I have for the project’s team.

Afterwards, a few contradictions and disappointments showed up during our path, turning it into an even more… beautiful route!

The obstacles turned to dust, the rocks became bridges, and the storms proved to be essential to enrich our soil.

For me, since its very turbulent beginning, 'Avessa' was born from the inside out! Controverted. Violent. Contradictory. Adverse.

It was a challenging creative process for me, since it was my first scenographic project approaching the subject of violence.

Such confrontation brought me reflections on the several ways a human being can perpetrate and suffer violence.

From then, the scenic space came up as a maze, representing the multiple choices we have once faced with these numerous forms of aggression. 

Along with that, textures, images, and sounds bring unexpected feelings, allowing for a constant disequilibrium of an infuriated mind."

(Ana Clara Joly)

Images: Ana Clara Joly e Julian Cechinel



Direction: Rafael Orsi de Melo


Actress/Singer: Ana Paula Beling


Musicians/Composers: Larissa Galvão and Pedro Loch


Lyrics: Tatiana Cobbett and Gregory Haertel


Dramaturgy project: Gregory Haertel


Scenography: Ana Clara Joly


Lighting design: Daniel Olivetto


Costumes: Joana Kretzer Brandenburg


Graphic arts: Camila Petersen


Photography: Julian Cechinel


Physical preparation: Fê Anjos


Voice preparation: Luciana Assanti


Choreographic support: Geanne Labanca


Head of production: Ana Paula Beling and Andréa Rosa

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